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HAAH Anti-Bullying/Peer Mediation

Clark Montessori 2018 Sophomore Peer Mediation Class

In the fall of 2018, HAAH started our partnership with Clark Montessori, implementing our Anti-Bullying/Peer Mediation program during their fall intersession. During the intercession, students spend three days in an intensive Peer Mediation training conducted by HAAH.  The remaining days are spent teaching younger Montessori Students the tenants of Peer Mediation, as taught by HAAH.  The goal of this intersession is to inspire and excite Montessori students to become Peer Mediators at their respective schools, in conjunction with HAAH, as well as become a Clark peer mediator in the Peer Mediation Club. We began the Peer Mediation Club in April 2019, and are continuing throughout the 2019-2020 school year. 

We offer Peer Mediation/Anti-Bullying training to students, school staff, as well as different work-place personnel. This skills based training includes tailored peer mediation lesson plans, handouts and worksheets necessary for mediation implementation on:

  • Understanding the 7 basic human needs

  • Understanding wants vs. needs

  • Active Listening skills

  • Communication blockers

  • Mediation rules and techniques

  • Using "I" Messages

If your institution could use a program like Peer Mediation/Anti-Bullying, please sign up below! 

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